IPF Powerlifting Equipment – für professionellen Kraftdreikampf unter Wettkampfbedingungen!

Are you looking for professional powerlifting equipment that is certified by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF)? Here you will find powerlifting bars, racks, plates & co. for optimal training conditions in powerlifting!

Powerlifting at a professional level - this claim is in the DNA of powerlifting equipment from ATX®! Only with the right equipment can you develop your maximum strength potential and achieve your best performance. With ATX® you can immerse yourself in the world of professional powerlifting.

Competiton Rack & Collars

Powerlifting Bars

Calibrated Steel Plates

Der Platz, an dem Ihre Rekorde entstehen – das IPF zertifizierte ATX® Combo-Rack

Heavy squats and brute bench presses require an optimal and safe training environment. This is exactly what the ATX® Combo Rack, a professional competition weight bench, was designed for. Developed in Germany, the rack has a wide base and thick rubber feet that give it the stability you need for safe powerlifting.

The barbell rack features fine height adjustment in 25 mm increments so that the robust combo rack can be optimally adjusted to your needs. This ensures that you can find your optimum training position. Magnetic safety pins made of solid steel ensure that heavily loaded barbells can be placed safely. As training comfort plays an important role in achieving top performance, the rack's posts can be tilted inwards by 7.5 degrees using a quick and easy-to-operate tilting system. This gives tall athletes the opportunity, to use a wide grip for their squats.

As failure is part of the road to success, the competition weight bench has emergency supports covered with thick rubber, which can also be finely adjusted in 25 mm increments. Practical face protectors ensure that the heavily loaded barbell bar cannot get too close to you if you make a mistake.

The ATX® Combo Rack has not only received the European EN 20957 certification for professional use, but is also certified by the International Federation of Powerlifting (IPF). This means that the ATX® Combo Rack can be used at professional powerlifting competitions.